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By mistakenly, you have block automatically download files on the applications. But you don’t have to panic to make unblock the function. Here is the steps that you need to follow.

With Windows 10 Fall Creator Update gives you a more control on your downloads, you can see the notification on file description, gets download progress or cancel download when you try to open the app file once it reaches online from the cloud storage. The only issue you will receive that once your block the app, the download will trigger, you will receive a message to make secure the file  ”The cloud operation was aborted.” It means the app you can’t accessible anymore.

If you change your mind in future to make unblock the download file, the newly updated Settings app gives you more room to unblock the apps from your system device.

Automatic File Downloads in Windows 10:

* Settings 

* Privacy

* Automatic file downloads

* Allow button

You can’t see the list of block apps in ”Automatic file downloads.” Alternatively, there is one feature you can unblock complete apps which you have previously blocked to appeal automatic file downloads. To know more detail click on the link.

That’s it.

Via: Windows Central

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