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The new concept reach in the big Chrome OS, it can able to unlock your PC through your Android mobile phone. When you form it comes straightaway, but you need to carry both devices. Once you have done, you have to enter into the Chromebook which it comes nearly to make unlock the phone device.

 Unlock Your Chromebook using with Android Smart Phone:

* Tap Profile picture–>Setting panel will pop up

* Choose a gear icon to display Settings menu

* Enter your password

* At the bottom, you may find Smart Lock for Chromebook (beta)–>Set Up 

* You can see the pop up ask you to make turn the phone’s Bluetooth on

* Another side, check you chromebook, and tap Find your phone

* Once you identified, you can use Use this phone on your chromebook

* The set up has done in the background, and you will receive notification on your Android mobile phone–>tap Next from your chromebook

* Allow Try Smart Lock to repeat again. You can the chromebook lock down. All you have to do open your smartphone, and bypass the chromebook main screen password.

Finally, you set the smart lock in chromebook, and now use smart lock to make the sign through your Google account. That’s it.

Via: 9to5Google

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