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Paying for Wi-Fi, if you get a free WiFi that everyone makes very happy. Because you don’t want to spend a single money at all. But most of the people they use unwanted things, and these issues become more headache to control the user. For this you can prevent your WiFi through using the Block Wi-Fi Freeloader app you can download from the play store.

Even, you protected WiFi can be stolen from anyone, so your network come down slow. You can find out the suspicious person who intriguing to your network. The only solution above, I mentioned app that really cool to your network.

It’s a free application that connects and block unknown person from your Wi-Fi. Through on this app you can find the connected person on your WiFi network. And you can block the stranger easily from the network. This application will get support English, Hindi, and few more languages.

When it comes to this app, it looks very clean and neat interface to allow the user to check the WiFi and their profile within area safe. Even, the app display every connected device details. A very few clicks, you can know the connected and stranger devices and you have the option to block the user with one click. The app uses a shortcut method to turn on or off your router network.

The use scanner to protect Wi-Fi security and monitor the connected devices. It can scan faster that the connected device with Wi-Fi and all it happens within seconds. The app brings you to save the details to block strangers. On this detail, you can aware of IP, MAC Address, Device Name and more. You can mark the connected device with ”Know” or ”Stranger.”

If you identify those unknown devices which is connected to your WiFi network without your knowledge, you can block them easily using one click on your device. The app also points to change the password if someone intrudes your Wi-Fi network. To know more below link finds a lot of space.

That’s it.

Source: Block WiFi freeloader

Via: Gadgetstouse

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