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Whether if it’s required you can convert your photo from your iPhone or iPad into PDF file. Normally, your photo comes in JPEG as a default on iOS device. Even so, the device brings convert the photo into PDF in iPhone and iPad, and continuing this you can learn how to convert your photo in iOS compatible devices.

Doing this conversion you can share photo’s PDF file to email, messages, and iCloud.

A simple step to make converts photo to PDF from iPhone and iPad:

It can possibly after converting the photo into pdf files, you can save and upload in iCloud.

* Load Photo app and select the photo to make conversion to PDF.

* Tap sharing button and select ”Print” to share the feature from the menu

* Printer Options screen and make preview the photo to Save PDF

* Select the share the converted photo of PDF through Message, Email, and any other app, or select ”Add To iCloud Drive” to save the converted pdf photos to iCloud drive.

Finally, the converted picture as a PDF file, which save local drive or upload iCloud Drive, or try any apps.

Via: OS X Daily

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