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If your phone has installed Gmail app on Android or iOS support device, you may go with a few keywords to get the result. Even, the Gmail app can remember your previous search query to upcoming reference. Anyway, if you want to reset those things because of long characters which can be slow down your search result.

Your Gmail app has an ability to clear those search history, all the past search queries with any supported devices, but this one doesn’t come much easier to finish. If you want to clear history on Gmail app with Android and iOS device, the settings look completely different from phone to phone.

To clear history on Gmail for Android:

* Load Gmail app and make sign-in

* Click Hamburger menu on the top left corner of your screen

* Settings–>General settings

* Press three dots (vertical) on the top right corner from your app display

* Clear search history

* The pop-up message will ask you confirmation.

* Select ”Clear” your complete search queries will be removed.

To Clear Search History on Gmail for iOS:

* Start with Gmail app and Hamburger menu

* Top left corner and select ”Settings” and choose email address

* Privacy–>Clear search history

* Choose ”Clear” on the popup

Otherwise, opening Gmail app on any supported device, you can find the magnifying glass icon on the top right-corner in your inbox. Through email you can search the used keywords. These are the Gmail built-in search queries.

That’s it.

Via: Gadget Hacks

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