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If you purchased iPhone X, then you have to know about multitasking that makes you feel a little bit easier. In this iPhone X, you missed out Home button, and no double-tap, but at the same time you still use some other button to achieve the target. Along with this, Apple introduced App switching, allow you swipe with a finger at the bottom of your own iPhone X and it makes you easily turn every app.

 Switch the between Apps:

* Touch your finger at the bottom of the screen or Home screen or in the app

* Use swipe right or left to make the switch between the apps.

Multitasking on iPhone X:

When you swipe up from your iPhone X bottom edge screen and you can make a pause in the middle up on the phone screen, and you can active app will connect with other loaded apps, navigate and choose the app that you want to switch. If you want to close the app all you have to do touch on the app until you meet red color circle with minus sign (-) will appear on the top left-hand side of every app or press minus sign the app will be switch off on the screen.

That’s it.

Via: iMore 

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