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Do you want to make a logout inactive user session on Windows 10? Lithnet Idel Logoff is a Windows based software tool which can do pretty much work. This software required from you the time you need to identify the user session. And it sets out the compatibility those action to log out automatically the computer. This tool not only to log off, you can shut down or restart your computer once your PC doesn’t get the job. This program was a Group Policy tool, it can run perfectly. Anyway, when you go with this tool, it will not give a symptom or pop-up messages doing about log off the PC.

Unfortunately, if you missed out to log off the PC, then this application really comes in useful. If your Windows 10 gets locked the computer, when inactive user session. You can change the function with this application. But at the same time you want to shut down the Windows doesn’t allow to change anything.

With Lithnet Idle Logoff, It’s a lightweight tool for Windows that run background. It can search the inactive user session from the time with selected, and it will apply to log out the function.

* Once you installed the software on your Windows 10, you need to log out and log in to make active.

* Set the time to run the program. You can’t find from the Windows start button, you have to do manually through on.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lithnet\IdleLogoff

* Run Lithnet.idleLogoff.exe the file with administrator rights and tool window will load up. You can set time, and also you can perform the log off from the drop down.

Finally, you complete the tool settings, and close down. Now, you can allow programs to run in the background. Whenever your computer sets inactive user session, the tool will start detecting the inactive user automatically that pay the result log out from your PC.

That’s it.

Source: Lithnet Idel Logoff

Via: ILovefreeSoftware 

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