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Your Windows 10 has owned Windows Store, it carries hundred of thousand apps and games. Not only this feature, the Windows store has movies, TV shows, and more.

Whenever you open Windows Store, it has an info about every app and the games. It can store all the apps and games with special treatment images that looks more beautiful. Howsoever, some of the game pages has videos, and they suddenly start automatically to play the video whenever you visit the pages.

In this case, most of the Windows Store users, they don’t like to play the video automatically. If you aren’t welcome person to watch this video when you visit the Windows Store, you can stop the videos from play automatically when you browse the store apps. Anyway, if you are using Windows 10 then it can possible to finish the process.

* Load the Windows Store app

* Click the three dots (Horizontal line) next to the user picture on your Windows store and Click Settings.

* Video Autoplay On/Off and the new changes brings stops autoplay

Finally, you have made the process. Again, you can visit and test on it.

That’s it.

Via: Into Windows

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