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There are no words to say about YouTube channel, if you want to watch non-stop video you need a non-stop internet connection and high bandwidth. These you can get some rich countries, when it goes to standard people, you should consider some other way.

That’s why Google brings YouTube Go, it reduces unwanted features on YouTube for Android and it will provide a quality video to make downloading the videos to watch later. If you are ready this program, the app support a limited bandwidth and also it can manage those who wish to run the YouTube application.

The recently rolled out YouTube Go available in India and Indonesia etc. But the app gets a some work in the US and few other countries. If you want to download this application in your country you need to use VPN, and it still harvest the all features of YouTube Go with simple and lightweight all the time.

Let’s get into the chapter how to download and Install YouTube Go:

If you live in India or Indonesia it comes easy to download, but you live somewhere else, that also comes much easier.

Gradually, YouTube Go app now reaches slowly some other countries, but right now you need a small workaround. You just make to download YouTube Go from APK Mirror. Once you finish, you can install and open from your Android.

When you are doing this function, it’s all about your phone security settings. If you don’t how to make sideload the apps on your Android, start with Android phone and head over to Settings–>Security–>Unknown Sources to make enable.

Furthermore, if you got Android Oreo 8.0 then it comes more complex. You need to go through Settings–>Apps & Notifications, after that give permission on the web or install the applications. That’s it.

Source: YouTube Go

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