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Mostly, we use to sign-in using a password, but some place it’s not convenient to use. What I am saying when you use Chromebook and you want to keep your device more secure, but at the same time you want to get into faster, then you need to follow below steps.

When you get into sign-in using password and two-factor authentication are now is a modern style. Yes! If you use numbers and alphabets passwords you can’t speed up to open the Chromebook.

Chromebook has now ability to open through PIN, but many of them doesn’t aware about this function.

* First, start with your regular password on Chromebook device

* At the bottom of right corner, Click Account Picture

* Click Cog Wheel icon or the gear icon to load the Settings app

* People–> Screen lock and enter login password

* Screen lock options–>PIN or password

* Click SET UP PIN

* You generating PIN must minimum 6 digits, and you need to give one more time confirmation. Either you want to PIN number, click Change PIN.

Finally, you are done with new changes.

Via: Android Central

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