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It can be said as a primary memory or system memory, that will allow gathering information to save or retrieve on your computer. This feature especially who need to play hardcore games or high-end users. If you going to buy this RAM it’s quite little expensive, but choosing an alternative way to cut the expensive you can quickly access any program with USB flash drive on your Windows computer.

While using flash drive you can easily convert into RAM for all Windows 7, 8, and 10. Even you have an choice to convert many ways to use your USB drive as RAM. Anyway, you can try a few method to use USB drive as RAM on your Windows to reduce the cost.

Virtual RAM Option:

It’s a memory management for operating system to use hardware and software to run the computer for physical memory shortages that will transfer temporarily the data through RAM for disk storage.

* Plugin the USB drive in USB port

* My Computer icon and right-click

* Properties

* Click Advanced system settings

* System Properties–>Advanced

* Settings button–>Performance

* Click again on Advanced tab

* Click Change–> Virtual memory

* Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives and choose USB drive from the list

* Include value in MB under Custom size. The value must be 200 MB less than the value.

Finally, you can restart the computer. Now, you can feel much better

Try ReadyBoost:

If it’s not going to support Virtual Memory, then you can try ReadyBoost method.

* Insert your USB drive in USB port

* My Computer–> find your drive and right-click on it

* Properties

* ReadyBoost tab in Properties

* Try radio button against the device

* Add your value in the drive, if your USB drive show 4094, then you need to use 4000 less than from the amount.

* Click Apply and restart your computer.

That’s it.

Via: systweak

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