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Do you know that how to check your BIOS? Here you can check on your Windows computer what BIOS current version that you system device using now and this BIOS version located on your motherboard as it comes safer as well.

Before doing this function on your computer, whether you go to update or checking the BIOS version, your computer must be active with full battery power otherwise you lose everything and the device will be corrupted.

Checking current BIOS version of your Windows:

Normally, your PC’s BIOS version will be applied to BIOS setup menu on itself. But at the same time, you aren’t welcome to check the version in this way. You have plenty of option to see the version of BIOS on Windows.

To know about BIOS version, you need to function through on Windows with right-click on Windows logo–> Command Prompt to run as an admin.

At the Command Prompt section, you just copy and paste command:

wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

Finally, you can see BIOS or UEFI firmware on your Windows PC.

Check BIOS version of System Information Panel:

Through System information panel, you can check BIOS version on your Windows 7, 8 and 10

* Windows+R–> msinfo32–> Run the box and Hit Enter button.

Finally, you can see the BIOS version number you can check on System Summary pane on the right-hand side BIOS version along with the date.

That’s it.

Via: How-To-Geek

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