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To finish every program you wanted to use every single app and if it’s comes all in one operating system. The tool, it’s called Groupy.

For your interest, if your tabs wanted in File Explorer, then this app makes you easily. But it all works in one application and set you any app to the group.

If you work with word or excel, including more tabs in the application that comes to you stay organized in groups. But this feature you don’t on your Windows as default program.

In Windows, if you grouped, then you can use shortcut keys to make easy to switch any app or using your mouse that could be hovering to tab, and finds you small preview of the app. But when it comes to Groupy you just hold shift key to generate a group, otherwise try drag and drop. Through on this you can make fast access.

The Windows tool brings two kinds of service, if you want to get Group then you need to wait some time, but developer release an object desktop it comes around $30.

That’s it.

Source: Groupy

Via: Thurrott

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