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Gentlemen Coders’s RAW Power is well compatible with iOS photo library has been released for iPhone and iPad. This newly arrived app on the App store to edit RAW images on Apple’s own iPhone and iPad device.

If you continue with this app a free option, there are a few items like Curves, White Balance, and few among need to unlock with one-time purchase of $10.

“We constantly hear from photographers how much they want to edit the RAW images in their iOS or iCloud photo libraries using the kind of advanced tools they are accustomed to using on the desktop,” says Nik Bhatt, Founder of Gentlemen Coders and former leader of the Aperture and iPhoto teams. “Using our deep experience with Apple’s RAW Engine, we have created a powerful, easy-to-use editing app that seamlessly integrates with the built-in Photo apps on iOS and Mac.”

If turned on non-destructive RAW for iOS, then you don’t have to spend enough time on your computer. When you use RAW Power it has a eight kind of feature which makes you the smooth and the ability to control noise reduction.

The app has built-in histograms, which will mark the place and highlights the image to make fast review and their image. The app brings adjustment to make copy and paste for multiple images, and walk through to zoom the image.

Finally, the RAW Power app will concentrate with adjusting the RAW image, through on JPEG and PNG file. It brings advance photo library that allow to search the stored images on an iPhone or iCloud storage.

That’s it.

Source: RAW Power for iOS

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