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Albums are coming with pretty decent sound mix, you know the variation that same album is rolling out truly impressive to hear on any system device. Even, when you listen those soundtracks that you can see the ups and down the earth.

When it comes to Spotify, the default feature fixes automatically evenly against those sounds, the creators who stay in the beginning mixed on it, that you want to turn off the function. Here is the little step that you need to handle on it. The site How To Geek point out to manage on Spotify for this option.

To solve the issue, you can manage on both computer and mobile from Spotify.

On the Web:

* Load Spotify

* Click down arrow–> Settings

* Click Show Advanced Settings

* See under Playback, Turn Off the ”Set the same volume level for all songs.”

Finally, you can check the songs play on their own style.

On the Mobile Phone:

* Load Spotify –> Library

* Settings on the top right and choose Playback

* Switch off ”Enable Audio Normalization.” 

Furthermore, all the songs play their volume with their own mix.

That’s it.

Via: How To-Geek 

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