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If you have mobile experience then you have done with Siri with iPhone and Google Assistant on Android phone. Even, if you worked with Microsoft on your Windows then you meet Cortana. Same as Anna Assistant is a new product arrived for Google Chrome users.

Once you installed Anna Assistant on your Chrome browser, you can easily find out your stuff through Anna Assistant it’s a user-friendly extension. Talk with this tiny chrome extension you get done.

Before you start this extension, you prompted upon request to allow microphone, click and ”Allow”. It will be redirected to the main page and the extension has activated and you know it’s completed the process.

Now, you start to say ”hey” first before your request and your Windows will give the answer the following question. Not only this, you can ask Anna to play video from YouTube, tweets and get result weather report and these result where integrated with some popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and some like Gmail, Google Maps, and more.

It’s a new arrival product, the extension needs a lot of requirement and improvement coming days it might get new features. The site The Windows Club find out the voice assistant break some command, and it turns into web search. That’s it.

Source: Anna Assistant

Via: The Windows Club

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