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Are you using the iPhone, then you know Apple’s introduced Apple Pay Cash now live on every iPhone user. You just want to know about adding payment and try the feature to send and receive money on its way.

This new Apple Pay Cash was settled in iOS 11.2 and allowing to send and receive money and you are welcome to spend through Apple Pay Cash. This new arrived was completed the follow the online payment service PayPal, Venmo and more. Right now this option available in United States.

You can send money for free from Apple Pay Cash with a debit card, and if you are going to use a credit card then you will get charge with a small percentage. One more important if you are using an Apple Pay Cash then there is no charges anymore.

To use this function, your device must be compatible with iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2 any Apple Watch. Your sign-in with iCloud and iMessage with same Apple ID with secure mode. If you complete 18 years old then you get to go with this service. To run this service you must carry debit or credit as well.

How To Add Payment Service on Apple Pay Cash:

Once you have rolled out Apple Pay Cash on your device, you will see pop-up on your iMessage. If you are new in this feature, you may go through Settings–>Wallet & Apple Pay –> Apple Pay Cash.

While Apple Pay uses always Green Dot bank and Discover Network for your transactions, at the same time it will allow you add debit to send money. If you are adding debit, you just tap on Add a Different Card. To secure and clean experience, you need to choose the best way to verify your ID using Apple.

How To Verify Your ID – Apple Pay Cash:

* Settings

* Wallet & Apple Pay

* Apple Pay Cash and swipe down to downward the Card Details

* Tap on Verify Identify

Finally, the process starts and it will ask you name, address, date of birth, and 4 digit number. Apple wants to collect all the details. Once you have provided everything, Apple will display the Verified with right mark identity on the Apple Pay Cash.

How To Send or Request Money:

Start with iMessage, and tap on the Apple Store icon in the text field. Note the point, if your friends or anyone who have set up the Apple Pay Cash on their they can receive money. To increase or decrease the amount use + or symbols or tap in the middle to display the keypad enter the fixed amount. Once you tap Request or Send, the amount will be landing on text field, and you need to finish the confirmation to send amount.

When you are new to send money, you need to make sure twice the payment mode whether it’s correct or wrong. Your debit card will be default as an Apple Pay Cash. Even, the Apple Pay comes with a credit card.

If you want to change the payment method you just tap blue arrow. Otherwise, you can use Apple Pay Cash.

IPhone X user can enter through double click on the Side button to make payment using Face ID authentication. If you are sending iMessage, the Apple Pay Cash with confirmed through Delivered status. To know transaction history just tap on an Apple Pay Cash message. And this way you can send or request money in plenty of ways. To know more about click below link.

That’s it.

Via: 9to5Mac

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