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Without your knowledge your mobile data usage out of the plan, because of the usage unwanted application those running behind on your smartphone. So you can stop and keep in control the mobile data plan. When you use Android phone, it has a built-in feature to track the data, but the default feature doesn’t welcome to many options at this moment. Rather than, using the data tracking app, it may save your data plan very much. Here are the few apps that bring clear everything that you know how to control the data plan very well.

Data Usage Monitor (Lufesu Inc):

This app comes user-friendly and manage your data very well. It can measure accurately of your daily data service, and the app support through analyzing on his way to understand the users. While using this app you reach the data limit it will warn you that you are going to end the data service. Getting this message you can control the data limit not use more than plan. If you go with premium option, the app displays the data traffic on your home screen through on the widget.

My Data Manager:

When you open My Data Manager, you are allowed to set up your data plan on your on this app to trace the data usage. After installing this app, it will start keeps track of your data use. This application brings the data usage separation like mobile and WiFi, so watching any video doesn’t jump the limit anymore.

In this application, you can find every single app that uses the data on that particular day, which display on your phone screen, otherwise you go through app menu the day of history how the apps are running. My Data Manager app brings status bar on notification so you can easily find out what’s going, but at the same time it afflict you can turn off easily.

Internet Speed Meter Lite:

While using this app on your Android phone, you can see the data usage on status bar and display the usage of data in the notification area. And also monitor your phone network connection any condition through using the device. This application comes ad-free.

If you use pro features, the notification dialog has last minute of internet activities, current session of usage, history about mobile or WiFi usage and check you the realtime of application which is running on the background. Even you choose manually the color to set the interface along with this you find upload and download speed of service through notifications.

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor:

This is a real-time tracking feature when you use on your Android phone. As a default this application displays a live graph for the usage of data. It has a ”Alerts” features that warn you the data which is going to connect at the beginning, so you can take a precaution against those apps that consume more data. GlassWire brings details on the notification bar, and mentioning the whole month data usage along with real-time tracking information.

3G Watchdog:

This app has same habit which monitors your Mobile and WiFi network usage. The result comes up through graph, text, and table. It can show the current status through a notification icon in the status bar which indicate through colors like green,orange and red. Your mobile or WiFi uses the data that can be exported or import the history with CSV files. Finally, what other apps have the same real-time traffic graph allowable. It can be used more than 20 plus languages.

Smart Data Usage Monitor & Speed Test:

We want everything on the top, when you spend mobile device. This app will track your outgoing and incoming calls, Data usage from 2G upto 4G, and WiFi and more. This application has a three important features, they are Speed Test, Real-Time App Data, and Data Saver.

That’s it.

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