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Instagram Stories has reached 252 million of users, and this one emerged from the people most popular social application. When you use stories it limit 15 seconds upload and it appears 24 hours after that it will be disappearing.

When you create videos it gives a cool sticker, GIFs, and colorful features from Instagram. Anyway, whenever you use Instagram, it will make everyone disappointed the function doesn’t allow music on Instagram Stories, or posting videos stories lengthier than 15 seconds. In 15 second video you can’t express anything on your Instagram Stories.

In this article, you can see how to upload Instagram Stories longer than 15 seconds on your Android phone.

Coming up app definitely shorten your posting videos into 15 seconds and it will not go under editing to the Instagram. Instead of these apps will make split into 15 second clips so you can see the video stories are standing in the queue. Well, let’s get into the project.

Story Cutter for Instagram, it’s an app that supports through on Android. This app a new on play store and converts the videos into 10 to 15 seconds length. It’s like a photo editing app on Android phone, When it comes video uploads it works both on saved video and live videos. The app doesn’t have enough features it will allow user to use simple and faster. After downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, open the app and choose one of the functions which comes Record or Gallery tab button. Once you have chosen, the video to be finished. Once the process finishes, you can view the video in story format, and the video completely trimmed.

Furthermore, you can now upload the videos on your Instagram Stories. You may go through your Instagram account check the result. That’s it.

Source: Story Cutter for Instagram

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