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In Windows, Microsoft Photos are great to keep your digital memories where you can edit and share with simple moment. Even, if your photos are huge it can manage and handle with their own ways. The app comes to help the users to apply everything smoother on his way. If your photos are stock apps on your smartphone, desktop or third-party apps the feature offer innumerable of ways to arrange the photos. Even, you can set through date, location, and moment. We all know about face detection technology that has been used in more social media and tech companies. In this article, the feature has been used in Photo app on Windows 10 and this one you can find the person photo. If you feel this option will occupy, then you can turn off the face detection and recognition.

How To Turn Off/On Face detection and Recognition:

When you use photos in your photo app this function doesn’t recognize your name anymore. Whether you want to find the photos of particular user, you may go through People tab and the Photo app find all of your photos within. Through on this feature you can’t get the result, typing their name in the search bar or search the photos.

Let’s get into the feature of Photos app and click the more button located on the top right corner to your profile image.

* Settings

* Viewing and editing

* People Off/ On

Finally, your Photo app closes the service of Face detection and recognition. That’s it.

Via: Tenforums

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