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This isn’t a new announcement from Microsoft that Microsoft Edge browser will be a default Windows 10 browser. When it comes to the public the background task gets immense and their browser performance also very good. The Microsoft recently unrolled Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS which is now listed both in the App store and Google Play as well. This result may cause that connect their computer PC.

The companies Microsoft’s Edge browser for Android isn’t a basic handler that made into Android phone and their tablets. Microsoft Edge brings you a more user-friendly and productivity to use in a different way.

If you use Google Chrome on your Android phone, the browser it will fetch the details to create a particular form, same like that Microsoft enable with Microsoft Edge to finish the service what you have found on Google product. When you use Microsoft Edge you may find two types of functionality which are they auto fill function Credit card and Address auto fill forms.

Lets you know Credit Cards autofill on your Edge for Android:

When using to make for transaction from your cards through Microsoft Edge on Android and tablets, it makes you fasten your process.

Here you can set up the process from your Android device or tablet.

* Open your Microsoft Edge on Android phone or tablet

* At the bottom of browser you can find three dots more button

* Once you tap on

* The pop up menu will shows labeled Settings that take you to setting menu inside the Microsoft Edge.

* From Basic–> Autofill and payments

* Tap on Cards and add the details of the cards.

Finally, you can do transaction with autofill payments through Micrsoft Edge browser through signed in with a same Microsoft account.

That’s it.

Source: Microsoft Edge

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