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When it comes to Android notification, it’s a good service on your phone. But if you are looking something new? Then you can download Converbration, the app can bring customization for notification on your text messages that based on emotion and more.

This Converbration app is an intelligent notification, and it takes notification system into a new place. It will use your text messages, that mostly comes through name recommendation to customize those vibrations and sound of the message. It’s really cool functional.

It will absorb the change of a particular message. The message is marked with emotion and more excited. When your phone receives a short message and it gets short vibrations or sounds, and medium is coming medium. These are giving something to use to, but at the same time it support every single message without knowing them on your phone.

When you go to use this app, the maximum of control is much more flexible to make customization. It can do multiple customizations for various notifications. After you download and installed from the play store, Converbration will start a very few step which you need to giver permission to access the rest of functions to make reading the messages.

* After load the app on your Android, it gives a clean brief about the feature to access multiple notifications. You can try this app how it works through vibrations and sounds right now.

* You can find the app settings which are displayed with big button. But at the same situation, when you get inside the app you find a lot of options.

* Once you tap into the menu, you can take complete control that how to run Converbration. Before you start, this app gives a brief option that how to run Converbration.

* The app start with notification style, where you can customize in common way the Converbration will run. In this application, you just find only one sounds, and the rest of the tone comes through vibration, so it fully focus on the app. The app settings come ‘‘Quick” with the default which is more highlighted. Whether you are looking full access. Then you choose the Custom features.

* Next Context & Emotion, which may help you to manage the Converbration of text message. You can set the reactions of urgent messages, and more. It can be done with Yes or No replies.

* You can ignore single content messages as well as you can make corrections. So you can understand between annoying messages.

* Using Custom Filters, you can make ready customized filters to make ignore or not to ignore, support words or phrases to filters. For this you can set the vibrate on to them.

* With Sleep Mode, you can set the particular hour of time from Converbration. You can ignore all the message. Even, you can amend the Sleep Mode if it’s urgent to receive the message.

From the Converbration, the System Settings work for to enable or disable the app and point out other functions, like Android Wear and override phone mute. The app doesn’t give you non-stop service it will accept only 500 notifications per month, after that you end up, you need to move into the premium pack which will allow unlimited. It’s a subscription based, $0.99 month, 90 days for $1.99 and 365 days comes $3.99 one year pack.

Finally, the app bottom on the right corner you can check out those settings with test notification. It’s cool that you set up nicely.

I tried this application on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it really impresses me minimum level sounds.

Source: Converbration

Via: How-To Geek

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