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Now and then, you need to perform recording video of your desktop. This operation work you to record your popular game, or some issues that you have on your system device. For this you can find hundreds of tools available on the web for screen recording. But you have one software tool which you are already installed on your computer.

That’s, VLC media player, flexible video tool has included some tricks which are hidden place. The tool can record your desktop screen with additional software. You want to know how it works on your computer.

If you are using VLC, then you can follow the few steps.

* Load VLC Media Player and search the Start Menu

* Click Media tab–>Convert/Save

* Turn into Capture Device tab. And you can change the Capture mode–>down arrow desktop, which is a default display Desktop.

* Set the fps next Desired frame rate for the capture.

* Click Convert/Save button and load a new dialog box.

* Browser next Destination file box and select the location to save the recorded file.

* After you have set, you can Click Start to record. VLC will start recording everything on your desktop screen, with knowing any indication it will record.

* If you want to stop, then you can click the Stop button through on VLC settings and it will save the recorded file. This record file output comes with the MP4 file format.

That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

Image Credit: LR Guanzon (talk | contribs)

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