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If you have experience with iMessage, then you know there plenty of cool features included for iPhone users, then comparing to the basic text conversation. Through on this you can send peddling content to friends.

iMessage has GIFs and it gives a right to send their friends account, even you don’t prefer a picture or image content. These GIF makes reaction, decorates and more.

Here are the steps that you need to follow on your iMessage chat conversation.

* Load Messages app on your iPhone device.

* Choose chat and send GIF

* You can find iMessage apps stands at the end of the app screen. Whether you start typing a message, you can search Apps icon.

* Tap the red icon and that includes magnifying glass. Along with this you can random GIFs through scrolling them.

* Tap GIF, and it will add into the message.

* If you want to select GIF, then you can enter the content in the search image box. And also it gives you some suggestion for your reactions, like a thumbs up.

After, that you can include message that particular GIF and click Send button.

That’s it. It comes very simple on your iMessage chats.

Via: MakeUseOf 

Image Credit: William Hook / Flickr

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