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A new update from Anchor for iPhone, along with new web interface for creators. The new version 3.0 has been taken from the bottom of the design with the aim of creating podcasts to take another level.

Anchor app doesn’t bring showy options, but it adds more useful things for advance. If you see the app interface comes neat and clean to navigate inside the application, and recording the publishing any podcast that comes from your creative mind and it never comes so easy, and you need to find the tools which are updated for creator use of recording professional podcasts.

With this app, you can find three tabs, which are Listen, Record, and Profile. If you want to find new podcast, you should see on favorites. Using Profile tab, it can manage Anchor channel, along with editing and publishing that you saved the recording as favorite, and get amend settings.

If you find recording make so simple. All you have to do click microphone, and advice to hold the phone near to keep ear to create the podcast. Otherwise, hit microphone give the same When you recording there is a time limit, so you can click particular hour that comes on the go. Your recording doesn’t come time limit, you can get an hour show on the go. Another side, the app brings recording output comes to the background music with a single tap.

This app well prepared with live recording one or multiple freinds, so it comes easy to record multiple users without single application. To know more about this click below link.

That’s it.

Source: Anchor for iOS

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