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The new Cake main concept to get more likes from Chrome and Firefox users, but this feature works on your smartphone. Cake, when it arrives on Google Play Store the browser take a big responsibility to reach every feature on their Android phone users. This app completely rocks on your device, it makes you a faster, especially for the accessible when you go to search the content. This app feature was built entirely for mobile users. Right now this application stay on play store and you can download and install on your device as well.

When you use Cake browser, the main concept that uses Swipe to search the content. When you treat any content on the search, the browser acts faster to load the result. Along with this the browser reacts other browser result in the background session.

This app uses swipe function to get the result, and the web pages load continuously the get results. If you couldn’t find out any result, then you can use default browser which it comes Google chrome or Bing where it left the result. You can improve your search result through the settings. Furthermore, the Cake browser has built-in ad blocker, multiple tabs, and bookmarks.

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Source: Cake Browser

Via: Bgr.in

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