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Last year, Google point out the Android Go app will be released on Play store for cheap smartphone with minimum RAM. You have been already experienced with YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, and also a recent arrival of Files Go. In the same foot print Google released a lightweight application which is called Assistant Go.

When you use Assistant Go, it provides AI service with less storage space on your mobile phone. And also you miss out some default options on this new app which you don’t find reminders, smart home devices, and third-party extension. After these all restriction, you may go through to get some directions to know the exact location, and voice commands are useful features.

Google’s Assistant Go become for cheaper mobile devices in current markets, and this application right now will support in English. May be, you can expect more languages other updates. Those who don’t have access, you can go through an APK file on your smartphone and tablet devices. Now, you can run this Assistant Go to your device, and keep more space as simple.

Source: Assistant Go

Via: Android Police, Lifehacker

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