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Did you feel ever that how to disable autoplay video in Chrome? To sort out you don’t keep going alone, still many users they decide autoplay video and audio right on the web that makes you annoying. There is a secret feature that can bring them small adjustment while doing disable autoplay video and audio in Chrome on Windows. And also it works other operating system.

To perform, the feature disappears from Chrome, so you need to move Chrome’s flags menu. You can take action through Google Chrome on the web. Once it gets activated, you must play, whether audio or video manually in Google Chrome browser. Any video that before autoplay that will keep end at all.

* Open Chrome tab and type the below one into a chrome address bar.


* Press Enter button. Load the flags page, and click dropdown and select ”Document user activation required” and restart your browser.

Finally, you end up the autoplay videos. That’s it.

Via: How-To Geek 

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