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Do you have any idea about your Windows PC that what kind of peripherals has been involved? For all these you should get call the tech support team.

Well these aren’t knowledgeable, information are more important to know from the computer user. Let’s you can know about those details that you didn’t know those items from Windows PC and that right now comes to any troubleshooting or make thing performance for upcoming days.

About Windows PC:

Anyone who using Windows they know very well of Windows by looking on it. For example: When you start computer and through Start button you should realize Whether Windows 7 and later version. If these things doesn’t happen on your computer then you can find some otherway that you can find Windows version when you are using.

Doing Windows+R through run dialog. From there you can enter winver, and the system will open window details of Windows.

If your Windows comes with Windows 10, then you can go through Settings–>System–>About and down to the page you know Windows specifications for simple info.

Windows Hard Drive Details:

Normally, your Windows carry how much space that have inside hard drive, whether your system device added Solid-state drive or Mechanical hard drives. To know about free space, load File Explorer window and drive through This PC. From there you can list Devices and Drives. Internal drive looks with C drive and the label listed Local Disk.

Even, you can find some other way like built-in Windows tool like if you are using solid-state drive. Enter defrag through start menu and load Defragment and Optimize Drives. Search C: drive and you know whether your Windows PC using Solid state drive or Hard disk drive. If you have conformed that your Windows PC using Solid state drive then you system works faster.

Find Your Windows Installed RAM:

To know your computer using how much amount of RAM and the experience of running program on your device. For this, using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc to load Task Manger. From there you find a few amount programs, then click More details and turn into Performance tab. You can find installed RAM under Memory tab. And this one display the usage, whether you need to upgrade.

Windows PC Graphics Card:

Image Credit: Pixabay

This one be more important when you decided to play online games on your Windows PC. But at the same time, before play game you want to know about graphics card then it make more sense to your any games.

This details you can find in many places. Load Task Manager–>GPU tab–>Performance tab, and check the name of graphics card. You can chech another way like Device Manager through Start Menu, after enlarge Display adapter tab.

Windows PC Serial Number:

Image Credit: Jay Reed/flickr

When you buy computer you should know about serial number, it comes handy which you can write down very simple. Many PC company they give oppurtunity to search their serial number on their official website to get update their driver and device warranty.

You need to run Cmd to search the information. Windows+R in Run menu, and type cmd and continue with below path.

wmic bios get serialnumber

After, you doing this way you don’t find at all, then you can decide your computer manufacturer doesn’t included otherwise you built the PC yourself. Another way you can see through serial number which is fixed on your PC. Either, you build yourself, then you can find each and every device know the serial number.

Check IP Address:

To know IP address, you can go through on your home network. For the purpose, when you get network error, you need to go troubleshooting those network issues.

To find the IP address, enter ipconf–>Ethernet adapter (wired connection) or Wireless LAN adapter (wireless connection), you can see IPv4 address.

Battery Function:

If your PC battery doesn’t maintain your charge, and this goes immediately drain or making many time recharging. For this you want to check the PC’s strength, you can easily battery number of cycles. This one complete on your PC only, not a desktop.

following below path:

powercfg /batteryreport

Once you completed, you can go through user folder C:\Users\USERNAME and see battery report.html. And you need to perform double-click to load on your browser and see the Installed Batteries.

Encrypt Your PC Data:

Image Credit: Pixabay

Nowaday, it’s very important to make encrypt the data. It needs a safety measurement that you are expected to encrypt the hard drive whether you like on it.

Your PC carrying Windows 10 Professional, then you can use BitLocker, which is own Microsoft encryption software. You can easily enable through searching the Bitlocker in Start Menu and Manage BitLocker–> BitLocker Off/On. If you aren’t interested this BitLocker, then you may go through plenty of third-party tools available on the web.

Windows Screen Resolution:

Image Credit: Pixabay

This feature isn’t part of software in Windows, but you may know the make sharp the Windows display. All you have to do right-click and choose Display Settings. If your PC using Windows 10, then you can go Display tab–>System . From there scroll down find Resolution and set display resolution.

Set Admin Password:

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you are the admin user for your computer, then it’s not a big deal. But when you lose anything and you need recover from your Windows, then it comes huge issue if you lose the admin password. Either, if you use Microsoft account to your computer, then you can easily reset any kind of password against local account. But you can keep well know password. which other don’t understand your password.

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