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What purpose that you are using Google Play Store? It’s like a home page on Android phone and that helps you to make download apps, games, social apps, and more. While using this it creates a simple process, and hides some secrets features that you know about matter.

Google Play Store Introduce ”Try Now” button:

Recently, Google made a new update for Google Play Store, which comes through Google Instant App option, which will allow you to use apps without download and install on your phone. Through on this feature you can try as demo on games, and some apps without making installing on your device.

You can check it out click this link which games and apps are available to run without installing. There are few games like Solitaire, Clash Royale, and few more.

Get Updates with Beta Version:

If you are looking advance update feature before other gets down and it will turn to help the developers for their apps, then you can drive into the beta version on your Play Store. This is the line that you go ahead and receive advance updates.

If you want to connect with beta, using apps on your Android, just check through scroll down the app page bottom. You can see Become a beta tester–>I’m in to join in the beta version program the selected app. To know about this you can go through My apps&games, and see the joined apps.

Remove History the Download and Uninstalled Apps:

If you are using plenty of apps and downloading from play store, the entire search history which you downloaded that stay in history. While happening this it make you tough your phone device for the apps. So you can easily make clear from the Library.

To delete those search history, Settings–>Clear local search history. If you want to delete single app then you go through My apps & games. You can check through Library tab, you can see a bundle of apps where it was installed. Once you click “X” icon the app remove from the app list. But you don’t have option to clear the listed.

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