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Google release ARCore, it’s a platform that create augmented reality apps in play store. Some of apps gives more like, and make you fun, but most of comes uncompleted which isn’t verified with ARCore software that recently Google made for Android users.

Here, you can see a few ARCore apps that works decently on your device. And you may go and spend currently very popular apps on Google Play Store.

AR Stickers:

With AR Stickers comes to Google Pixel camera to use ARCore tools. This one was hidden into your Google Pixel camera phone, AR Stickers make you fun with your real face photo on your camera machine. In this application, you can find a maximum of six variety sticker all sets with text and more. If you want to use AR Sticker you just swipe left on your screen an select AR Stickers through menu, from there you trigger the sticker to your photo and also interact with others.

AR Mole:

This mole game is a ARCore. You can play easily and very disappointed with all machine, once you hit the mole will display, it’s a interesting game and more fun to get relief from the stress. There is no special in this game, you just keep going on to hit some play work with your special treament, but the game doesn’t going to put end you just see what’s going on the next level. With this game, ARCore works perfect and smoother on this application.

Stack Tower AR:


One more splendid game comes basic, it meets old classic. Stack Tower AR app was created with multiple color blocks through support of ARCore. You can use AR and it’s look simple to make more interesting. The preface comes to the gamer simple, when you start tapping the block it going to match the blocks on the way. If you miss, the colorful block split each portion until that doesn’t goes into end with small piece.


PaintAR is a game like you have to draw using with ARCore to accept 3D drawing. This app looks fine with little color palette and it can able to change the thickness of brush. Paint AR isn’t like a Google’s tilt brush, but the app brings useful 3D features. You can see the app brings some advance options. You can’t stick in one place, you have a free option to draw around the corner wherever the space shown.


These are very few ARCore apps that complete the process to play the game. You can find more apps that related to this software on the Google Play Store.

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