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From Windows Vista this BCD (Boost Configuration Data) files has continue traveling in Windows. This feature will not consider as a file and many user comes across to the basic level, but it’s supportable operating system.Think if your Windows BCD whether deleted or corrupted, then the result affect your Windows operating system loading the files.

These are happen on your Windows, you can’t make backup those files, and you need to choose to install the origianl Windows operating system to run your computer smoothly. Doing this way, you need to spend a lot of time to download and install the software tools, but at the same time you will loose the data whether you didn’t perform daily backups.

This article isn’t a big issue, but it may help sometime to recover BCD file in Windows 10.

Restore BCD files on Windows10:

Few command may help on your Windows 10 to restore BCD file.

To load Cmd prompt, Windows key–>cmd.right-click on Command Prompt–>Run as Adminstrator.

If you want to generate backup BCD file, following command will support:

bcdedit /export f:\01.bcd

Hit Enter button.

Important: Select drive letter to make save the file.

If you want regain the backup that you generated, type below text.

bcdedit /import f:\01.bcd

Press Enter button.

If you don’t want to take risk manually, then you may go through third-party application like EasyBCD tool. This one available for free to download on your computer. That’s it.

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