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If you are using Windows 10, you can choice to include keyboard layouts. Already, the Windows 10 has auto mode to add layout depends on your region, if you want more then you can use extra keyboard layouts. The keyboard are comes with multiple languages. You can try QWERTY and DVORAK layout along with English language, but you selecting like French, Chinese, or most relevant that will not support other languages.

Through Windows 10, you have an choice to include keyboard layout in any condition. When you going to set up Windows that time you can keyboard layouts otherwise, it will not comes much easier at on-board.

Well, using Windows 10, it has a lot of keyboard layouts. If there is no default you can install and customize them on your Windows. When you select custom keyboard the file it comes EXE or MSI installer and the installation makes like other apps.

How To Add Keyboard Layouts:


* Settings App–>Time & Language group of settings

* Region & Language tab

From there you can find a plenty of languages that you have previous done. If you do more then choose keyboard layout also. Click Option button.

On the same screen, you just make scroll down and click Plus button. You can find a lengthy list with keyboard layouts. All you have to do choose your choice and your work gets done.

How To Remove Keyboard Layout:

To delete keyboard, go back to same way Settings panel–>Layout–> Remove button. For this you must done with single layouts. Whether you set up multiple languages on your Windows 10, then you need to include each and every layouts.

There is no limitation to add layouts, you have an option to set the language for multiple layouts through custom keyboard that very convenients for upcoming service, better than using default one in Windows 10.

That’s it.

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