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In the past, Twitter was a service to follow the news and also everyone like the news feed, thus it makes you subscribe to be an up-to-date. Once Google Reader was retired from the competition, many user jumps into Twitter which gives a good amount of news as an alternative. In the meantime, social media gradually increased slowly the follow hot news. Even you can find numerous amount of information from there. Twitter threads are valuable and worth saving option which comes to social media. Right now, Twitter brings the Save option through update which is already Facebook include save option that you can try to save to bookmark any tweet.

To get this option, you need to update your Twitter application, and you can use both on iPhone or Android device as well.

* Load Twitter app and sign in

* Check each of the tweet card at the bottom

* Click Sharing icon

* Tap Add Tweet to Boomarks to make Bookmark it.

To check the bookmarked tweets, all you have to do tap the profile picture on the top left. You can see the navigation drawer opened and click Bookmarks. And you can see all bookmarked tweets. If you want to remove the bookmarked tweet again, click the Sharing icon and you will see Remove Tweet from Bookmarks.

That’s it.

Source: Twitter

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