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Working with an Android phone, you must check your battery strength routinely and thus most of the user will take care about. You keep running the device, and the same level you are losing your battery level on your phone background. This one how to control the battery power consumption of all the time.

Anyway, if you can’t do manually, then this application may help you and find the right place.

To perform this function, you need to download this Accubattery app from Google Play Store. This one not for checking battery level, and also places other important features.

After you installed the app on your device, you may go through advance information what it can do for the Android phone user, adding battery lifetime. You can increase your battery power percentage little bit more. In this Accubattery, you can set the charge alarm. When you go through settings, the app recommends 80%, but at the same time you amend the level if you wish. After you set, the phone gets calibration and now the app take control everything.

To view a good result, you just keep the phone for a while, after that the app collect slowly your phone battery information and their usage. For this you must wait for one or two days, but you want to get best result then you have to wait the week or month.

Inside the app, you can see the details Charging and Discharging tab which gives a result of usage and availability. Finally, the Health tab review the battery level and comparison.

That’s it.

Source: Accubattery

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