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Opening Microsoft Word, creating text file that comes simple and basic level of function. But you don’t want to keep all personal items in private way, then you make Yes. You need to put the finger regularly in clean mode which you have worked with recent documents in Microsoft Word.

You can clear the recent documents in two pretty way, opened files can be remove, otherwise you can disable permanently from Microsoft Word.

Remove Recent Documents:

* First and First, load the Microsoft Word. The recent document list on the left hand main screen.

* Make right-click on any sign doc name, and choose Clear unpinned Documents.

* Click Yes to confirm. Now, you can check the recently opened documents will swipe out.

* Even you can erase the every single document. Right-click the document and Remove From List, that means it can remove particular documents.

Disable Recent Documents:

* Open Microsoft Word document.

* File–>Options

* Word Options dialog–>Advanced–>Display

* Show this number of Recent Documents–>OK.

To perform this above action, you can use Microsoft Word 2016.

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