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If you are passionated with Android phone, then you know the Android notification is a kind of feature and reminds every minutes. But at the same time when it comes non-stop notification then you think it must be end. Here is the way to sort out those issuance.

This feature comes free option and it points you to make download anything or set customize from the notification settings which across drive through on multiple operating system and also it makes differentiate from the manufacturer OS. In this article you can learn how to disable notification in various Android operating system.

Disable Notifications on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow):

If you are using Android Marshmallow OS devices, just pull down from down and click on the cog wheel button, which will take into Phone settings menu.

* Settings menu

* Sound & Notification

* After that scroll down and see App notifications–> Tap on it.

* Under All Apps–> choose each app and click to see notification feature.

* Under the app, you can disable the notification which display ”Block All” on the right see the toggle to make turn on.

Once you have done above steps, you can apply each and every app like this.

Disable Notifications from Android 7.0 (Nougat):

All you have to do pull down the screen from top to display notification, and click gear icon to enter Settings menu.

* Settings menu

* Notifications (All apps allowed to send)

* Select the app and tap on it

* Turn on ”Block all”

Through this way, you can repeat each and every apps on your Android device.

Disable Notification on Android 8.0 (Oreo):

How it can possible to turn off app notification from stock Android Oreo, slide down from the top to display notification and tap cog icon Settings.

* Settings menu

* Apps & Notifications

* Notifications (On for all apps) default

* From there you can tap and see the installed app on your device, that shows notification settings.

* Choose each app notification features, and you can manage through toggle on or off. Taking through on this way you will not receive any more notification from the particular app.

So, you can take action through on every installed app. That’s it.

Via: How-To Geek

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