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The computer device are built with number of parts, and also that includes mouse. It’s an extension that joints with these system device to run many things. Whenever you use system, the mouse is the one taking important place to bring the result. But the device dead sometime then what you will do? The keyboard comes a main hero as a life saver. That’s why you need to know about those shortcuts, because you don’t have any idea when it goes down.

And also you can access and choose someother ways like Mouse keys that you can check on your Windows which is already hidden somewhere in your system device. The Mouse keys main target when your mouse device out of order, this comes a life changer. When you decide to make function it’s a common to use on Windows OS, and and also it can manage the cursor pointer through keyboard.

Do You Want to Control Cursor Pointer Without Mouse?

If you are using Windows, you can find keyboard that may help you the cursor pointer to run across the Windows screen. Here is the simple step that may support in dead line.

* Start button–>Control Panel–>Ease of Access–>Ease of Access Center

* Make the mouse easier to use

* Control the mouse with the keyboard, and choose Turn on Mouse keys

And also you can choose some other way like Set Up Mouse Keys. There are plenty of ways you boost your cursor movement. To know more click below link.

That’s it.

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