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Any articles that you receive through videos or GIFs, that are covered completely with tweets, even you don’t have enough time to view those things on particular time. For this you want to save, otherwise someone share those tweets that want to be later on.

Well, now Twitter brings a new tool which is named Bookmarks, along with this share option which it comes attached with a tweet that comes easier forever.

The new Bookmarks will save the tweets and it can be open later. Why most of the people want to view those articles later because they are busy on their schedule. Any matter that comes into a situation, this Bookmarks really help to save to view for a later time.

How to use Bookmarks of Twitter account:

* Sign in to Twitter account

* Under tweet, click Share icon–>Add Tweet to Bookmarks

* After that you want to view later, click profile–>Tap Bookmarks and wait for sometime.

Doing through on this, your Bookmarks aren’t public, it’s a individual only you can see. When someone liking tweets also request to connect with us. Which isn’t a best result for always.

Another side, Share icon it keeps doing after Bookmark the tweet. And it will share multiple ways. While clicking share that you can use the Direct Message to move someone or transfer email or text message.

That’s it.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter Blog

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