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Mobile companies are trying to produce a low and dead cheap smartphone. Because they do want to cut some expensive on their phone devices. That’s why, you can find on the camera that come more insisted way. Through on this they can give up some quality camera stuff, but most of the time it’s happen there was some missing features.

One particular area that is image stabilization. If you use low budget mobile phone they don’t bring us image stabilization functionality, but there is a mobile they are quite expensive like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and few more.

You have enough experience with low-light background which may get blur when you take video or photo without steadying the phone. What you could feel the same item it’s happen on to video while moving one place to another through vehicles, and some other ways.

That’s why you can see image stablization on your smartphone it can support to shot videos or photos with high quality, even you shake hand when you start capturing any moments. But at the same time if your Android served with both on EIS (Electronic image stabilization ) or OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) your phone goes into tough position to capture those things. Anyway, whatever it’s you shaky videos you can get on safe line. If you are using Google Photos then above all possible.

Try With Google Photos:

Google Photos doesn’t work on the field, it’s stand behind the videos or photos that play on your video and the output comes really fit to watch the videos. You just move next step which brings you stablize videos on your Android phone.

* First, open the photos app and these works brilliant for shaking videos with stabilize feature. But you put the video a lot of shake the output doesn’t make you feel well.

* Choose the video from Google Photos and open to play before, you just tap the Edit button situated at the bottom. After that you can find stabilise button. Once you click that the video make you stabilise depends your video length.

* Once it complete, the stabilised button will turn into blue color, it remind that process has been completed. Click to Save the new video which has been stabilized. So the shaky video doesn’t get overwritten on the file. That’s it.

Source: Google Photos

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