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We all know that Google Drive is cloud storage, apart from this it can work with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides that currently available on this cloud. Through on this you can create files and folders to share with someone else. Anyway, doing this way you can save any kind of files, searching and opening of smartphone offer you one tap to load the files. Even all of this, you can choose some easy way that is you can add any files on your phone home screen.

When you use Google Drive on your Android phone, the feature comes built-in to add shortcut files. Doing same function you can use any kind of files like PDF or picture.

* Load Google Drive

* Open the file in your Google Drive app

* Click three dot on the top right.

* Scroll down the menu and Click ”Add to home screen”

* See the one line message will display on the file ”Added to the device home” screen next ”shortcut (File name) created.

Finally, you can check the file added on your phone home screen. In future, you want to remove the file from the home screen, you just tap and hold on the file the ”Remove” feature will display this function differ with your Android OS. This function not only support file shortcut on your home screen, it also keeps folder shortcuts.

Via: Addictivetips

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