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When you make right-click on file or folder it brings a lot of shortcuts that you never use before on it. The Send to menu option run on your Windows PC to customize a shortcut desktop to files and some other features.

In Windows, the Send to the menu has been a default setting. Whether you want to make more useful Send to menu, you can customize new location through Send to menu. You can create a folder or save any files in your particular folder through send to menu.

With Send to menu, you want to customize by adding a new location or remove the current ones, here you can follow how to start on your Windows PC.

Customize the Send to Menu:

* Move the cursor to the folder or program that you need to add location from Send to menu.

* Right-Click on the folder or program, and select Send to and choose Desktop (create shortcut) features. And this one going to create a new folder or program shortcut on your Windows desktop.

If you want to set shortcut apps on your desktop, then there is another step that you can customize on your Windows.

* Run command box–>Type Windows logo+R–>Shell:sendto and Enter key to load the Sendto folder.

* Copy and paste into any folder or program shortcut that you customize in a new location on your desktop through Send to menu.

That’s it.

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