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Do you interested to know someone profile details? then you need to be a clean master. But those unknown user can be crack down of LinkedIn which can be stolen by the intruders. That’s the main reason that you always careful to whom to allow and whom not to get into the connection. Better you can hide your information from others who aren’t connected with all time.

LinkedIn has an advance security settings that allow user to hide their last name from the user who aren’t connected with you always. And also this will be boost your security and privacy.

Hide Your Last Name in LinkedIn:

In LinkedIn, your connection shows a full name. But others don’t come in. And also the service switch off your public profile details, which comes through LinkedIn profile and it will not display any search engines. For this you need to follow below steps on the LinkedIn website.

* Login to LinkedIn on the web

* Click Me profile icon

* Settings & Privacy

* Privacy tab from the settings page

* Move into the settings and Who can see your last name.

* Click to change

* Once you click it will display you to choose two feature which may help to protect your last name.

* Choose the second feature to make switch off your last name.

* Once you have done the process will save automatically.

That’s it.

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