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Surfing any site on your big screen means computer PC and you want to turn into your smartphone, or you want to drop from your smartphone to PC, this function that already in Apple product. But this feature has been available for Android user with the connection of Chrome. Here you can get the point to set it up.

Sign in Chrome on both Smartphone and PC:

You need to confirm that you need to sign in with Google account to Chrome Smartphone and PC.

With Desktop:

* Click user icon which is located on the top right corner in Chrome browser

* Sign in to Chrome Desktop

* Once you prompted give email Id and password

* You can see the image will shows up that You’ve signed in and turn sync on and Click Ok get it.

Next from your Android support Chrome:

* On the top you can see three dots button

* Settings

* Tap the Name to continue

* You can see the Chrome Sync on

* Sync (Get your bookmark, history, passwords, and other settings on all your devices) tuned on with blue color slider.

* Data types under Sync everythings you can see autofill, bookmarks, history, passwords, open tabs, settings and more. You can bring them changes through turn off Sync everything. If you want to access non-stop this option, then you don’t need to disable History and Open tabs.

Move Open tabs from PC to Smartphone:

* Now, you have logged into both devices, and where you left the reading on your phone, that you can pick up on your computer.

* Load Chrome on your phone

* Tap three dots button

* Recent tabs

* You can see the whole list through recent tabs that you have opened in Chrome, and also the last one in the end section.

Move Open tabs from Smartphone to PC:

* The same that you have done with computer, you can get the option to read on your smartphone.

* Open Chrome on your PC

* History–>Recently Visited

* You can see the site on your phone that you have visited on your desktop computer.

This function works on any device which may handle Chrome. That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

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