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Recently, Google was distract the attention with new Gmail web page. And this happen with few clicks through browser.

Gmail, you can find a handful of functions with clean interface. And also it comes email for snoozing, superior integration that connect with other Google products, Smart Replies which is available Inbox, and advanced Offline mode and few more.

These are all great, but when you give up sign in to Gmail account this new setup not taking place easily, you need to prepare yourself moving your cursor on to the web interface. All you have to do you stay with steps.

* Open Gmail Web app and give up sign in

* On the top-right corner in your inbox, Cog wheel icon and click it on.

* If it’s the new interface available to setup on your account, you can see ”Try the new Gmail” right through on the top and click it on.

* Once the page restored you need to click Next on the popup page and choose a view for inbox. Which is given Default, Confortable, and Compact.

* Click Ok. Now, you Gmail web app gets a fresh cotting on to your Email Inbox.

Either, you don’t want to run the new machine for your email, then you go back the input to get old interface. That’s it.

Source: Gmail web app

Via: Windows Central

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