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Do you want to try a new Google Podcasts app on your smartphone, then here is the few steps that you can follow on your device.

Google Podcasts isn’t a new functionality, this feature already launched in Google search application. Finally, Google brings a unique application to connect every thing up to date.

When you install Google Podcasts, it makes everything easy, so you can walk through to achieve. Here we have listed a some basic access when you try this on your mobile phone.

Search Podcast:

* Tap magnifying glass on the top left corner

* Type name of podcast

* Tap to get search result

Subscribe and unsubscribe:

* Tap recommended podcast through app homepage

* Tap Subscribe button on the top left

And also you can unsubscribe:

* Tap podcast that you have currently subscribed

* Tap Subscribed button

* A small popup page display ask you

Are you sure you want to unsubsribe? Tap Unsubscribe.

Manage Podcast playback settings:

* Tap playback bar

* Tap rewind icon 10 seconds

* Tap rewinde icon with 30 seconds

* Tap 1.0x playback speed button to make adjustment

Edit the Podcasts:

* Tap three dots on the top right

* Tap Edit your podcasts

* You can delete or unsubscribe your podcasts, which is display on your app homepage.

* Select the podcast you want to delete

* Tap trash icon which is located on the top right corner

* You can also you re-order the podcasts

* Hold down the podcast and move anywhere

* Tap arrow on the top left to confirm

Add shortcuts on home screen:

* Tap podcast

* Tap three arrows

* Tap Add to home screen

* Add automatically or use drag icon to set shortcut to placement.

Download podcast:

* Tap podcast

* Choose episode to download

* Tap Download icon

Control Download settings:

* Tap three dots

* Settings

* Remove completed episodes to make auto remove download podcasts with choice of 24 hours, 7 days or never.

* Remove unfinished episodes to make automatic delete once completed 30 days, 90 days, or never.

That’s it.

Source: Google Podcasts

Via: Android Central

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