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Many cool function that you have experienced with Gmail, right now the new feature which is named ”Nudges” which brings particular email on the top order and suggest you to take action against them. This new feature comes with two option, you can reply those received email, and follow up the sent email. Gmail includes as a default on both computer and mobile app, either you want or not. If you don’t like run on your Gmail then here is the step that you can control very easily.

Gmail on the web:

* Click Cog wheel icon, which is located on the top and continue with Settings.

* Scroll the page and find ”Nudges” and remove the blue right mark.

* Click ”Save Changes.”

Gmail App on the mobile:

* Tap three line on the left, and tap Settings at the bottom.

* Tap account to change the settings.

* Tap ”Nudges” and Tap Replies and follow-ups.”

* Tap the toggle buttons.

That’s it.

Source: Gmail

Via: Lifehacker

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