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Last year 2017, Datally was launched as a application to save mobile data usage on every smartphone device. Recently, Google announced a new update feature for Datally to help mobile user save data a maximum.

Daily Limit:

With Datally, you can ask how much amount to use data on each day. Once you have set the number, either you can use or block the whole day.

Guest Mode:

If you have kids, friends or anyone they want to use your mobile to play some feature, you can enable Guest Mode to activate mobile data limit before you transfer the mobile and you confirm to allow to use Data only.

Unused Apps:

If you are using smartphone regularly then you may know very well that your installed apps runs on your background even you don’t have opened a long time. But using this Unused apps it will reveal which apps are taking your mobile data.Tap single to make uninstall through Unused app and save the data from the mobile device.

Finally, Wi-Fi Map it will display your nearby wireless that helping to surf non-stop internet connection. That’s it.

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