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There is no secrets on your smartphones, they have some great function to access everything with single tap, and your work on the go. Most of the user interested with notifications any applications. It’s not a big deal to manage the notifications on your mobile. Recently, Apple introducing some useful feature on his iOS 12 where you can find modified notification on the app.

If you are using Gmail on your smartphone, there is a new option which bring you changes on to your emails to receive a notifications. High Priority Notifications is a function that you can find on your iOS 12 support iPhone device. These things happen on each email account with an requirements.

Before, you start the process, your Gmail must be an updated version on your smartphone.

* Open Gmail app

* Tap hamburger icon

* Navigation drawer–>scroll down

* Tap Settings

* Tap email account

* Enable ”High Priority Notifications.”

* Account settings

* Tap Notifications–>Under Notification screen

You can find four different function to deliver the notification on your smartphone.

* All new mail: Get notifications on single message through inbox.

* Primary Only: Sends you notifications for email that filtered and lands on your inbox.

* High Priority Only: Get notifications for emails that comes more important to you.

* None: Turn off notifications incoming emails.

That’s it.

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