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Recent year, you can see plenty of smartwatches and fitness trackers devices arrived in the market, searching a best application it can make more useful. Whether you are using these system a long time as a customer from Apple Watch, then you can update most recent one for sleep tracking with an support of WatchOS, you are welcome to select for this. And also the company did perfect job to pin the point and their output.

If you are looking that kind of application like a basic feature along with free service for sleep, or information, and month result, then these are suitable app for your Apple Watch with single tap on your device.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock:

If you want to know about some useful things like sleep duration, snoring then this Sleep Cycle app pretty conscionable. Through on this app you will know about deep sleep on night, this isn’t a real time notification. This app doesn’t store anything of your sleeping, but at the same time it will tell you about the time you spent for sleeping. So you know only about the time you spent sleep through on night time. In this app, you can gather free service Sleep analysis with sound technology, silent wake up, deep snoring, daily graphs, provide you some external supporting features along with alarm sounds and few more.

In the Premium edition, you can find some advance option like Longterm sleep trends, Snore trends, and also graphic statistics all included with package. You can check you heart rate with default camera on your device. Other important items that you can find out Sleep aid, Wake up mood, take backup your sleep data, and export data easily with Excel. In this application, adds one more additional support feature Philips HUE light bulb which trigger to wake up more comfortable like a sunrise.

Sleep++ :

Long running sleep tracking app for Apple Watch, the name of application Sleep++ that brings many advantage comparing to others, and it will run automatically to track. And also manual tracking is one more plus point. You can brings edit logs if it goes lengthy action. In this program, Health prediction is one interesting feature.

However, a very few Apple Watch apps will provide automatic tracking function. And Sleep++ is the one gets deep experience. It simply analyze your sleep and rolled out exact report about long time sleep. If you want to get clear report then you can use manual through start and stop process. And this one more comfort when you repeat doing the same process in the night.

Sleep Watch – Free:

Sleep Watch is a automatic sleep tracking for your WatchOS and allow to customize your find sleep history. It’s follow like Sleep++, and also Sleep Watch provide data curiation. It will do automatically log your total amount sleep time, restful time, and more. This app can manage your sleep work with AI-powered, and inner settings. Slowly wakeup you withe different sound moods on everyday. It can sync your sleep data through Health app support and let you check your last night sleep information. If you want to know more then unlock your premium session to find some useful information.

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